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The Demoness: Part II

I swam down for what seemed like (and probably was) hours in freezing black water.  Just what I wanted to do in the early morning.  At some point, freakish monsters started attacking me, and she showed up.  By she, I mean Bertha, Grendel’s mother.  Anyway, Bertha grabbed me and squeezed me insanely hard.  Lucky for me, my armor prevented her from crushing me then and there.  That would’ve been embarassing.

She dragged me to her lair, and I unsheathed Hrunting, swinging it at her head.  It did absolutely nothing.  What are demons’ skin made out of??  I tossed the sword aside and instead used my hands and brute strength to overpower her.  Bertha, however, refused to be overpowered and matched me blow for blow.  If she wasn’t so evil, I would’ve shaken her hand.  Er, claw.  Whatever appendage she has.

After slide-tackling Bertha to the ground, I saw a GIGANTIC sword hanging on the wall.  I sprinted forward, grabbed it, and swung it around in an arc.  Some sixth sense had told me Bertha was directly behind me, about to pounce.  The sword sliced her head clean off.  The blood was pretty nasty.  Very gloppy and thick.  Someone wasn’t eating right.  Just as I was about to pick up her gory noggin, I spied with my little eye Grendel’s corpse.  For good measure, I chopped off his head, leaving the two demon bodies to rot in the depths.  I grabbed Grendel’s head and turned around for the giant sword.  Terrible news for me, the blade had melted.  Stupid demon blood.

I began my swim to the surface, but when I got to the top, only a few of my Geat warriors were still there.  Apparently, when the demons’ blood floated upwards in the water, the Danes thought it was mine and left in defeat.  So we traveled toward Heorot, Grendel’s head in tow, to proclaim the good news of the demons’ death.  Hrothgar was overjoyed to see us, and praised my brave actions.  And smothered me with treasure.  Guess what happened next?  A FEAST!  We celebrated the demons’ death and then I hit the sack.  Killing two demons really takes it out of a guy.

The next morning, we packed up to sail home to Geatland.  I gave Hrunting back to Unferth, and spoke with Hrothgar once more before we left.  He told me I had united the Danes and the Geats forever, and we said goodbye.


3 comments on “The Demoness: Part II

  1. Unferth
    October 1, 2012


    • Hrothgar
      October 1, 2012

      Well, there IS a reason we asked Beowulf to do it instead of you.

      • Beowulf
        October 1, 2012

        Not my fault I’m the best. 😉

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