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The Hero

The name’s Beowulf.

You’ve probably heard of me.

After all, they sing my praises everywhere I go.  I’m a celebrated and powerful hero in the land of the Geats, my homeland, but my fame spreads far and wide.

Some of my favorite past-times are killing monsters, defeating monsters, destroying monsters…. You get the picture.  Oh yeah.  And having adventures.

One of my favorite adventures was when a friend of mine challenged me to a swimming contest.  I would’ve won, but a ton of sea monsters decided it would be fun to attack me while I was swimming.  So I killed them all.  While swimming.  I’m awesome like that.

No, I do not have a big head.  Pssh.


One comment on “The Hero

  1. Unferth
    October 1, 2012

    Yes, you DO HAVE A BIG HEAD. CASE AND POINT. Caps lock got stuck. But I made my point.

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